Thoughts for the Day

Rev Sharon Swain has been a parish priest for many years. She is a writer and educator, and now lives in South Wales in an active-retired capacity. Unable to visit parishioners, she has found a new ministry in producing thoughts based on readings for the day.

Thursday, 6th October 2022 - Ask for what you need Wednesday, 5th October 2022 - The Lord is my portion Tuesday, 4th October 2022 - Francis of Assisi (1226) Monday, 3rd October 2022 - Blessed are those who see and hear Sunday, 2nd October 2022 - Harvest thanksgiving Saturday, 1st October 2022 - True repentance Friday, 30th September 2022 - Zechariah 5 - A day is coming for the Lord Thursday, 29th September 2022 - Feast of Michael and All Angels Wednesday, 28th September 2022 - No permanent home Tuesday, 27th September 2022 - Having faith in God Monday, 26th September 2022 - The generous spirit Sunday, 25th September 2022 - Rich and poor Saturday, 24th September 2022 - Zechariah 4 - The servant King Friday, 23rd September 2022 - Serve one another with the gifts you possess Thursday, 22nd September 2022 - Zechariah 3 - A promise for the future Wednesday, 21st September 2022 - Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist Tuesday, 20th September 2022 - A move to the gentiles Monday, 19th September 2022 - The Light we cannot hide Sunday, 18th September 2022 - Our attitude to God Saturday, 17th September 2022 - How good it is to sing praises to God Friday, 16th September 2022 - Zechariah 2 - God promises to dwell in the midst of His people Thursday, 15th September 2022 - Zechariah 1 - Encouragement is given Wednesday, 14th September 2022 - Holy Cross Day Tuesday, 13th September 2022 - Eve of Holy Cross Day Monday, 12th September 2022 - Seeing a sign from heaven