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Thursday, 22nd October 2020: Lord, I pray, save my life!

God Prayer Psalm 116 Help

Reading : Verses from Psalm 116


I love the Lord, because he has heard
my voice and my supplications.
Because he inclined his ear to me,
therefore I will call on him as long as I live.

The snares of death encompassed me;
the pangs of Sheol* laid hold on me;
I suffered distress and anguish.
Then I called on the name of the Lord;
'O Lord, I pray, save my life!'

*place of the dead.

(New Revised Standard Version)


Many, many years ago I seem to remember learning semaphore, firstly in Belgium with my mother's first English Brownie pack, and then later in the WRAF. I certainly cannot bring to mind all the signals, but this is one that has stuck in my memory - SOS. When in extreme danger the semaphore system is unlikely to be used now of course, but it had its use once upon a time. Nowadays our mobile phone is liable to achieve a better result of calling in the emergency services, and anyway who goes around with flags on sticks in their rucksack?

But the psalmist reminds us that God is always there for an SOS call, that is to Save our Souls.

Thursday 22nd October, follow up thoughts


Lord God,
so often we forget to
make You our first point of call,
and only come to You
when all else fails,
yet You can save our bodies
and our souls.
Help us to come to You immediately
with everything that frightens us.

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