Thursday 13th August, follow up thoughts

Thursday, 13th August 2020

Creating or exploring a prayer diary

On 7th July I suggested that you might start a prayer diary. You might like to remind yourself of this by looking up: Tuesday 7th July, follow up thoughts, Saturday 13th June, follow up thoughts, Friday 8th May, follow up thoughts

If you have started a prayer diary, you might like to look back and see what things have changed, and how God has answered your prayers. If you haven't started one, what about doing it now? Just use an old notebook with some spare pages, or buy a small new one. Put in the date and who or what you are praying for - headings will do. Periodically go back and check if any changes occur - cross off subjects not needed and add new ones. Don't panic if you forget to do this for a day or so, just start again.

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