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Monday, 13th May 2024: The ultimate comfort and support

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Reading : Verses from John, Chapter 16


His disciples said, ‘Yes, now you are speaking plainly, not in any figure of speech! Now we know that you know all things, and do not need to have anyone question you; by this we believe that you came from God.’ Jesus answered them, ‘Do you now believe? The hour is coming, indeed it has come, when you will be scattered, each one to his home, and you will leave me alone. Yet I am not alone because the Father is with me. I have said this to you, so that in me you may have peace. In the world you face persecution. But take courage; I have conquered the world!’

(Lectionary, New Revised Standard Version)


When you were a child, who did you turn to for support and comfort? For most of us that comfort came from a loving parent or grandparent, for others it will have been an older sibling or relative, or perhaps a foster parent. For some there may have been no obvious person. Comfort is very previous, it might have been a special place, or a special soft toy or blanket that also helped. As we grew older we may have found a partner who gave us such reassurance and support, and like me some will have been widowed after many years of marriage. Finding comfort - a touch, or a hug, or a kiss - is difficult, and much missed. I have always been aware that those who live alone may not touch another human being during the week, which makes the passing of the peace at Communion especially important.

In our passage of scripture today we can see how alone our Lord seems to be just prior to his death. He knows that his disciples will desert him at the point of crisis and that their faith in him is transient. They may say "we believe that you came from God", but he knows that they will not stand by this statement for long. However, Jesus declares confidently that he is not alone because the Father is with him, and God will never let him down. This should give the disciples the confidence to know that even though they will meet with persecution there is hope for the future, for God is with them.

When we feel that we need comfort and support, we are actually never alone, for we are children of God, and He loves each one of us. He is ready to offer us His peace through the Holy Spirit. He is ready to be with us through any trauma, and will walk alongside of us or carry us as necessary for as long as it is needed.


Heavenly Father,
when we feel lost and alone,
when life seems dark and threatening,
or when we can't see the way ahead,
may we remember that You are close by
ready to give help and support
whenever we turn to You.

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