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Friday, 31st July 2020: Hide me under Your wings, Lord

God Protection Psalm 17

Reading : Verses from Psalm 17,


Hear a just cause, O Lord; attend to my cry;
give ear to my prayer from lips free of deceit.
From you let my vindication come;
let your eyes see the right.

If you try my heart, if you visit me by night,
if you test me, you will find no wickedness in me;
my mouth does not transgress.....

Guard me as the apple of the eye;
hide me in the shadow of your wings,
from the wicked who despoil me,
my deadly enemies who surround me.

(New Revised Standard Version)


As I write this passage I can hear the strident warning call of a male blackbird outside in the garden. Its a Chk, Chk kind of call. Sometimes the bird calls when I go out into the garden, but often it's warning there is a cat around. The pair of blackbirds have a nest in one of the hedges, and will have 3-5 chicks. Although the female incubates them, both birds fetch food for them, and the male blackbird goes onto sentry duty.

In today's Psalm the writer is scared of those who seek his life, and asks God to protect him because of the justice of his case and his blameless life. But look at the wonderful image in the last section where he asks God to hide him under the shadow of His wings. This image probably refers not to a blackbird, but to a hen. They hide their chicks under their wings at the first sign of danger, whether that is predators or even a fire.

The picture reminds us that God protects us, whatever the danger, whether that is physical, mental, or spiritual. As the blackbird seeks to warn its partner of danger, and as a hen will shelter its chicks when threatened, how much more does God protect us when we need help!

Friday 31st July, follow up thoughts


Heavenly Father,
help us to remember
that You are there to protect us
when we are in danger,
whether that is a virus,
or because our income has diminished,
or some other cause.
We ask for Your protection for ourselves
and for those we love,
this day and in the future,
but always only if it be Your will.

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