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Monday, 20th April 2020: God's Kingdom

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Reading : Verses from John, Chapter 3

Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. He came to Jesus by night and said to him, "Rabbi, we know that you are a teacher who has come from God; for no one can do these signs that you do apart from the presence of God." Jesus answered him, "Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above."

(New Revised Standard Version)


We frequently refer to God as the King of kings, and a King must have a kingdom. But God's kingdom is not a physical place, and it cannot be seen in any ordinary way. Christians are members of God's kingdom through their baptism (ie their christening!). That is why in the Church of Wales those who have been baptised may receive holy communion.

But the trouble about this kingdom of God is that it is both here, and not here. A simple way of putting it might be to say that "where there is love, there is God, for God is love". Perhaps that is why in the middle of this pandemic we see such a lot of good things happening in our villages and towns. God is at work in our world through people, and we Christians are working towards the full completion of God's kingdom. Is that not why in the Lord's Prayer we say "Thy Kingdom come."?


Our Father,
Who art in heaven
hallowed be Thy name,
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done
on earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Lead us not into temptation,
and deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
the power and the glory,
for ever and ever.

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