Wednesday 14th October, follow up thoughts

Wednesday, 14th October 2020

Other modern martyrs

Martyrdom is not something that only happened 2,000 years ago, people still die because of their faith. Their stories must make us stop and think about our faith, and ask ourselves what would we do if threatened. Here are two other modern-day martyrs:

  1. Clement Shahbaz Bhatti was born in Pakistan in 1968, and became the first Federal Minister for Minorities in Pakistan. He often spoke against the laws regarding blasphemy, and was the only Christian to serve in the Cabinet. He was called a 'blasphemer of Muhammad', and subsequently in 2011 as he left his mother's house his car was attacked, and he was killed.
  2. Annalena Tonelli was a lawyer, born in Italy. When she was a young woman she helped to found the 'Committee against world hunger', and moved to Africa to work with them. Later in life she founded a Tuberculosis hospital in Somali, and welcomed HIV/AIDS patients there. Many protested and in 2002 there were protests and chants of "Death to Annalena". In October 2003 she was shot and killed while working in the hospital that she founded.

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