Wedesday 15th July, follow up thoughts

Wednesday, 15th July 2020

The bible gives us light to see our way

In Psalm 119, verse 130, the writer says the 'unfolding of your words gives light'. In the psalm the light stops us from stumbling. The Hebrew word for 'unfolding' means some kind of opening. Look up the following to see other uses of this:

So we might think of this word as meaning that when we open our Bible it is like having a door opened to a town, or to a house, or even a tent so we might enter and see its beauty, or perhaps just see what's behind the door. When we open our Bible it's just the same. It opens to us and we find light in the shape of God's instructions - the light of understanding!

(If you don't have a modern bible, look up the following site:

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