Tuesday 19th May, follow up thoughts

Tuesday, 19th May 2020

Can we make changes to our lives?

As we have seen it is not enough to hear Jesus' words, we have to act upon them. Of course we also have to recognise where we have gone wrong and admit it to ourselves and to God. See if the following helps:

  1. Look at the things that you've let go since the pandemic arrived, and make a list of them.
  2. Consider how important they were to your life, and put a cross by any activities that you now think were not very important in the light of what is happening to our world now.
  3. Look at the list again, which of the things without a cross would you want to put more energy into after life returns to normal, and are there things that could be added to this?

Lastly, ask God's help to make changes to your life, in the light of what you have discovered. Possibly some of these changes could happen now.

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