Thursday 25th June, follow up thoughts

Thursday, 25th June 2020

Developing listening skills

One of the skills to develop is that of listening to another person. Listening is not the same as hearing though, it often demands much more than simple auditory skills. Look at the following and perhaps try it:

  1. Look at the person who is talking, maintaining good natural eye contact, which means you may look away occasionally.
  2. Pay attention to what they are saying, and try to imagine the 'story', and how they are feeling..
  3. Don't judge the other person.
  4. Don't add your own personal story or solution, unless asked.
  5. Ask questions to clarify, but only when they pause.
  6. Look out for non-verbal clues as to how the other person is feeling.
  7. Give feedback at the end, if asked. (Use "So you feel that.....!" format if appropriate).

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