Sunday 5th July, follow up thoughts

Sunday, 5th July 2020

God searches out the lost: exploring our experience

  1. Have a you been a cradle Christian - that is, born into a Christian family and brought up in the faith? If so, did you feel the need as a teenager or adult to make a conscious decision to make this your own faith?
  2. Or have you come to faith late, with no Christian background?
  3. Or perhaps you are simply not sure about all this Christian faith, and are struggling to find what's going on in your life?

Whichever of these situations fits you, God has been calling you for a long time. He searches out the lost and the lonely, those on the margins and those looking for something more meaningful in their life. Zacchaeus was such a man. He was wealthy, yet not content. Jesus sought him out and he offered restitution for his failings, and became a follower.

Where are you on this road, and what might be your next step?

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