Sunday 17th May, follow up thoughts

Sunday, 17th May 2020

Exploring images of the Holy Spirit

As we have seen in today's reading another name for the Spirit is The Advocate or Helper. We shall learn more about the Holy Spirit in the weeks to come when the disciples receive the Spirit at Pentecost, but today we might consider three of the images that appear in artwork.

  1. The Holy Spirit as wind: Many pictures have images of wind, to show the power of the Spirit. In this stained glass window see the way the hair on the figure is blowing.

2.The Holy Spirit as fire: Other images show the Holy Spirit as fire to indicate He cleanses and purifies. In this stained glass window the whole image of a man is infused with flames.

Stained glass window with fire image

3.The Holy Spirit as a dove: The most common symbol is the Spirit as a dove, showing He brings peace. Look at Matthew, Chapter 3, verses 13-17.

Holy Spirit as a dove

Note: I used an electric storm on the main page of "Thought for the Day" to indicate the Holy Spirit.

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