Monday 16th November, follow up thoughts

Monday, 16th November 2020

Exploring the notion of Asking, Seeking and Knocking to find God

We need to apply the notion of Ask, Seek, and Knock to our prayer life. When we pray we are asking God for something, and just as when we are desperate to contact someone we keep on ringing their doorbell or their phone, we need to do the same thing with God. We need to have faith that God expects us to ask, and that He will answer - in His way! Don't forget that a "No!" is also an answer. We should also ask "in the name of Jesus".

Prayer is a conversation with God, not just for our own desires. We need to be careful not to be selfish, and we need to persevere, persevere, persevere. It also comes with a health warning: Prayer can be hard.

Look up the following stories:

  1. The wonderful 'picture' story of Jacob 'wrestling' with God: Genesis 32.12-32
  2. Jesus also 'wrestling' in conversation with God: Luke 22.39-46

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