Friday 29th May, follow up thoughts

Friday, 29th May 2020

Exploreing the character of Simon son of John further

Simon was the brother of Andrew, and they and their father Zebedee were all fishermen. We know Simon better by his other name, the name that Jesus gave him - Peter, the rock! He was an impetuous, generous man often acting before he thought, but his love for Jesus was never really in doubt. Even when he denied knowing Jesus we must remember that he wasn't the only one to let Jesus down. After all the others all fled in the end as well.

You might like to look up some of the incidents that show more about him:

  1. Matthew, Chapter 14, verses 28-31.
  2. Matthew, Chapter 17, verses 1-4.
  3. John, Chapter 13, verses 3-10.

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