Friday 15th May, follow up thoughts

Friday, 15th May 2020

Thinking of ways to help others

Knowing that others are also worrying about their lives, their families, and their businesses, we should be thinking of ways to help them. Can you create a list of things that might help, and better still do some of them. Here are some suggestions, but you might find much better ones:

  1. Start a share system with friends or neighbours: cook more than you need, and offer it to others, allowing them to give something back to you, using your gifts and skills, eg bake two lots of cakes; cook two lots of meals; buy something else in the supermarket and offer it. (Having tried this, a large frozen casserole placed on a doorstep received a bottle of wine back; too much bread flour received some brownies, extra veggies from the garden received all sorts of things, etc. Put all the usual safety things in place, like use gloves, step back from the door etc)
  2. Have you lots of toys in the attic that are too small for your little ones, then clean them and offer them to others freely. Small children are really suffering since they are not able to play with their friends and don't understand what is happening.
  3. Create a scavenger hunt on paper - things to collect or see in your neighbourhood, eg a dandelion, a blackbird, etc and offer it to any families to use. It's great fun.

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